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    100% hand painted

    OilPaintingTown.com is a leading online shop for Businesses and private art-lovers who appreciate the effect created when beautiful handmade paintings are displayed on the walls. Yes, solid color walls can be nice, and so can walls decorated with posters or printed art. But walls on which hand-made Oil Paintings are hung create a distinct artistic enjoyment, and project a powerful non-verbal message of high quality. Our artists reproduce all of our paintings by hand, using only the highest quality paints and canvas. All our oil paintings are shipped to you in solid boxes, with the accessories you need to hang them, and if you wish with beautiful frames that enhance the content of the painting.

    The value of oil painting

    There’s a special satisfaction about having a piece of unique artwork in your home or office. Our oil paintings provide a very valuable investment. They are made with the highest quality oil pigments, on the best available canvases. They generate a feeling of richness and personality that slick printed posters lack. And you can choose from different styles of painting - as abstract, impressionism, realism, etc. These oil paintings can complement every scene. Brighten up your home and office with our beautiful oil paintings!Our artists are ready to paint for you paintings of three categories
    1. Hand-painted original paintings and copies of original paintings created by our team of contemporary artists in the US or in China. See Paintings of our Artists.
    2. Original custom paintings where the subject is You, and if you wish together with family members and friends. You send us your photo, and we will paint you just as you appear in your photo, or we can add some fantasy elements, following your instructions.Commission an art


    You’re helping others when buying from us! We will donate 1% of our sales price to the respected international orphan care and adoption organization, All God's Children (https://allgodschildren.org/).And you can get another 1% refund when you share with your friends in Facebook, Twitter or Google+ a photo of you together with the painting you bought and your report about the shopping experience
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